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Recommendation Letter Random Sample

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Re: XXXXXX XXXX Recommendation

To the responsible Admission Authority,

My name is XXXXX XXXX and it gives me great pleasure and honor to submit this letter of recommendation for Paige XXXXX XXXXX for admission to your prestigious Nursing Program. Paige is an individual I have known for more than 10 years. I have had the opportunity to know of the qualities and character of XXXXX and I can attest to the fact that she successfully aligns with all the attributes you outline in your formal recommendation form. Listed below are the qualities I can fully attest to.

Her academic achievements have been consistent throughout High School and College with straight A’s. Her discipline is ever-present as she was always on the Honor Role. Her organizational skills were fully evident to me when she worked for me in administration for over a year, completing every task she was given. Involved in sports as well she always managed to show respect all of her peers. Her personal qualities are a measure of her character and a pleasure to behold. She is always concerned for others and she is the most honest and forthright person I have ever known. She has overcome obstacles in an admirable way. When her sister died she displayed more concern for others before her own feelings of mourning.

Professionally she brings a fully developed maturity to her job and to the high-level work ethic she possesses. I regard her as a mature woman with aspirations that will ensure success in your worthy program and everything she does going forward. She can readily think outside the box and she adapted well to XXXXX. I am fully confident of her direct action, goal orientated approach, sincerity, abilities, and character. I am certain that she deserves admission into your Nursing Program.