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Rebuttal Letter

This is an example of a letter written with specific concerns directed at rebutting certain charges made. It is a partial segment of a lengthy letter containing multiple issues and requests. The entire letter was given in two pages of text. No free post edits were requested.

XXXX XXXXX Elementary School



Assistant Principal ,XXXXX XXX

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is XXXXX XXXXX, and I am a Special Education Teacher at XXXX XXXX Elementary School. This letter represents my official rebuttal of the charges made and directed to me in your letter of February 3rd, XXXX. This rebuttal also includes statements, as well as my refuting of claims and charges made concerning the care and servicing of one XXXX XXXX. These charges and concerns have largely been initiated by the parents of said student. I am confident in my reaction and denial of claims made by XXXXXX’s parents, particularly due to the fact that they have been supported mainly by hearsay evidence. I will react to the bullets below individually.

The summary of the meeting on January 29th, XXXX contains certain points describing the concerns of the parent and school administration, with my general comments:

1. Charge that XXXXXX is not being serviced for the required 90minute period each day. I completely and vehemently disagree, and this can be corroborated by my paras Mrs. XXXX and Mrs. XXXXXX. I feel I was unknowingly blindsided by the concerns of Mrs. XXXXX, and I would like the opportunity to discuss this further.

2. The next concern I would like to disagree with involves my resourcing and XXXXX reporting to my class on a regular basis. This is simply not true, and I can prove it.

3. The next concern involved accommodations such as group testing and testing aloud.

I am in total disagreement, and Mrs. XXXXX has also been present during this practice.