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Product Promotion Letter

This random letter is an example amongst many to help a client announce and describe his products value to the world market. We can supply these types of letters, either basic or complex, with information about your company and what message you need to put forth and in what tone.


XXXXXX Co. Ltd, a direct supplier of fine furniture and home decor items is operating successfully for any and all prospective buyers and individual shop owners. If you are seeking a source of fine products and a quick and easy way to order them, you are in the right place, so read on. We are an experience supplier from XXXXXX in an area of the world that is growing by leaps and bounds. Our company can directly supply the finest and most unique items for the discriminatory eye, and those with an appreciation for superior quality. We produce custom designed, made to order, or general merchandise of high quality and attractiveness guaranteed to please.

This letter is designed as an introduction to our company, and to spark the curiosity of those who are seeking the best, and the finest furniture and home decor items. Specifically targeting direct buyers from Europe, the United States, and Asia, we stand with complete confidence as a supreme manufacturer and direct supplier for furniture shops, individuals, home decor shops, and distributors. With merchandise from XXXXX and XXXXXX, our products are chic, unique, and manufactured with the highest quality materials. In the past, we were only able to deliver our products through middle-agents in XXXXXX. We are now available directly to the XX, XXXXXX, and XXXX markets. This allows us to be more competitive with more attractive prices for our customers.

You can see our wide range of products by visiting our web site at XXXX XXXXX where you will see products within the following categories. Patio furniture, indoor furniture, shelves, and room dividers, along with home decor items such as rattan baskets, gift baskets, boxes, organizers, storage containers, and laundry baskets. Other items include kitchen ware items such as table mats, place mats, runners, and candle holders. We can also custom manufacture a wide range of other items.