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Press Release Letter

This is an example of how one client wanted a release for getting a message out to the public in order to clear up an important matter of concern.

Random Letter Written as a Press Release to all Agencies

My name is XXXX XXXXXX, and I would like to make an official statement to all the news agencies. My statement concerns the gas line that was hit on October XXX of XXXX. I am the owner of XXXXX XXX Development, and my contact information is written below this statement. My tractor driver inadvertently struck an XXX X gas line on that date. I was responding to a call request and called in two dig requests for this particular site. My dig request numbers are XXXXX and XXXX. I was given the official go ahead to start digging on both of these tickets. Before I continue my statement, I would like to say that I am totally aware and sympathetic to the public concerns regarding the impending hazard that could have been disastrous and life threatening. I must state that on subsequent investigation it was found that the marker sign placed in the field was 60 feet off from where my tractor struck the line. The gas line that was hit had not been marked.

XXXX is responsible to go to the field, and using their probes find the exact location where the lines are located, and then mark the line with flags every 40 feet across the field. This line had not been located, nor marked with flags. Regardless of this, XXXXX gave the official go ahead for my tractor driver to start ripping the field. Big mistake! My tractor driver is not at fault for this accident. The seriousness of such an accident goes all the way back to the preparations made for these digs, and due to the following facts, the blame must lie in the setup, as well as the official go ahead given based on the following unreliable information.