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Contacting your constituents or responding to them to answers their questions or resolve their differences or complaints can be an important part of retaining their support and your dedication to the community. We can write your letter from scratch or enhance your rough draft. It is our aim to help you succeed in your endeavors in a real way for an affordable price. Any post editing will be provided at no additional price until you are completely satisfied. Enter your information on our contact page.

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(Heading Not Shown)

This letter is being respectfully sent to your attention and consideration on the basis of a situation that is affecting the success and productivity of our company. The name of our company is XXXXXX XXXX, and I would like to explain the chronological developments and present state of a situation that we are seeking to resolve in some manner by your office or your position of influence. Please bear with me patiently as I attempt to outline completely our unique situation. In order to comply with a backlog of orders and services pending, we began looking for a professional employee skilled in the area of XXXX and XXXXX about two years ago. Due to the fact that we were not able to acquire this individual, we were forced to find someone from XXXXX, and we subsequently submitted the immigration paperwork in order to hire him. The immigration case was applied for on 08/05/12 and approval was received on 03/09/2013.