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To whom it may concern (or insert  judge’s name instead):

I am writing this letter as a concerned and fearful mother seeking justice and appropriate action concerning my son XXXXX. With all due respect, I would like to beg your patience as I go through a summary of events and reasons why I have a pressing desire to secure help in requesting more fair and equitable decisions concerning my son. I am interested in presenting a more clear understanding of his condition and how it has affected his behavior, and how these events have promulgated a series of unfortunate situations. I’m not making excuses for his past behavior, but I am simply asking for another look with regard to his mental state.

XXXXX has had a learning disability that has overshadowed his charismatic and caring nature. He presently reads at the 5th grade level due to some dyslexia, a multitude of confused actions in the education system, and his recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Please bear in mind that it took a great deal of time to obtain a correct diagnosis, and in retrospect this should be considered. I will elaborate further as I continue.