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If you want to send a letter to that special person, the one who makes your heart beat wildly when you see her or him, we can help you. If you provide us with the feelings that you want expressed, and things that are personal between you and your loved one, we can find the words and craft them in a way that will touch her or him in the deepest way. It could be for any reason, to apologize for a mistake you have made, make up for a past transgression, or just out of the clear blue because you care so much. It might even be to resurrect an old relationship or to say you would like to start anew. Whatever the reason, we can cover it in a uniquely special way, while making the task a little easier. If the letter needs editing, this is included for free, whatever it takes. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Portion of a Love Letter (large portion of a lengthy letter)


I am writing this letter because I have a pressing desire to tell you some things about how I feel. I certainly don’t want you to think I am seeking some sort of reciprocal reply, but I am a confident and thoughtful woman, and there are some things I have been left with since we were together. I have a strong belief in fate, and the way I have been feeling has brought me to a different place in my heart…one that gives me some clues about what being with you has meant, and what it might say about the future.

I know I have been persistent about trying to contact you, and it has taken some time for me to receive any replies, if at all. I hope and pray, however, that this has been unintentional on your part. The fact of the matter is, I have not been able to stop thinking about you since we were together. The sensual kisses we experienced, and the way you held me so tight and so loving, has invaded my senses, continually occupying my heart, mind, and body. I hope you have had these feelings as well, and I pray you contact me if you feel the same and would like to see me again.

During life’s journey, there are times when we are given definite signs along the way, and we sometimes feel that if we ignore them, we will regret it in the future. I want you to know that I am left with these feelings. I feel you are my heart’s desire, combined with a strong and undeniable physical attraction. This desire resides in my heart and body day and night, ever since we were together. A fire has been ignited in me, and I hope that same fire is burning in you. I know we will remain friends, but I do feel this is just a starting point for something greater. Your healing touch and sizzling hot embrace are felt when we dance, when we touch, and when we simply look at each other. I am consumed with this memory, and I simply want to let you know how I feel about you….