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Registering a formal complaint in order to get satisfaction about a wrong you or someone else has encountered is always best done in writing. It documents the problem accurately and is by far the best way to proceed forward to receive compensation or a correction of the problem. For whatever reason at all, think of using the best approach. We can write an initial letter, as well as any follow ups needed to resolve your problem. Just detail the matter to us and where you want to go with it and we will do the rest. Our prices are more than affordable for the results you will need. This is guaranteed or your money back. Please If you have any questions or concerns, fill out our contact us page.

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Re: Service Complaint

To the Responsible Customer Service Representative:

My name is XXX XXXXX, and I am writing this letter in a sincere effort to bring about awareness of a situation I have been going through since I moved into my XXXX on base housing on July 11th. This is effectively a complaint letter about your company that is contracted to run and maintain the housing in the XXX XXXXXX. As an Air Force member serving his country, I was under the impression that my needs would be met in a satisfactory manner. I recently came from XXXXX Air Force base, and the on-base housing there was great, and the services were efficient, capable and timely, even though this housing facility was also run by your company. The differences were significant. While I was speaking with some of the maintenance workers in the facility, they said that it was policy for the maintenance department to evaluate and fix any non-emergency orders within nine working days. The series of problems I have had reflect that my service has not even come close to this policy deadline. After more than ten phone calls, visits to your office, and several e-mails, I could not seem to expedite work on these items. I have several items that are on record as being fixed well beyond that time frame, and some items which are still awaiting repair a month later. I am at my wits end now, especially considering the great reputation of your company…..